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About Deviant Artist C. Spyder WraistMale/United States Recent Activity
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The Ring Returns by loganneverscars The Ring Returns :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 2 Sihn and I by loganneverscars Sihn and I :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 4 Spyder by loganneverscars Spyder :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 1 4
I'm afraid of being here
The time has come, to wipe away the tears
And now I live the fear
That's been with me, throughout the fucking years
It's time to take the pain
I won't make all those damn mistakes again
It's time to take the fall
It's time to take the blame, I need to fall
On you,
Fall into your arms,
Carry me through,
Hold me up, don't let me fall
And I will save you
I want to wake up
And realize enough
Is what's been here
Staring at me coldly all along
I want to see you
And all that you see through
It's a shame when I think of
How I've hurt you, and it's time to
Fall into you
Fall into your arms
Hold me up, carry me through
Don't let me fall, and I will save you
I will save you
Nothing that I've done,
No-one that I've met
Nothing in this world will ever
Let me be content
Nowhere out there, and nothing is true
I'll never be complete, until I have you
Falling into you
Falling into your arms
Hold me now, and carry me through
Don't let me fall, and I can save you
Don't let me dow
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 2
spider by loganneverscars spider :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 2 3 Shelob by loganneverscars Shelob :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 10 7 my precious by loganneverscars my precious :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 1 9 Demon by loganneverscars Demon :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 8 4 Help by loganneverscars Help :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 1 0 Demon Girl by loganneverscars Demon Girl :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 4 3
Away From The Sun
It's down to this, I've got to make this life make sense, can anyone tell what I've done?
I missed the life, I missed the colors of the world, can anyone tell where I am?
  Cause now again I've found myself so far down
  Away from the sun
  That shines into the darkest place
  I'm so far down
  Away from the sun again
I'm over this, I'm tired of living in the dark, can anyone see me down here?
The feeling's gone, there's nothing left to lift me up, back into the world I know
  Cause now again I've found myself so far down
  Away from the sun
  That shines into the darkest place
  I'm so far down
  Away from the sun
  That shines to light the way for me
  To find my way, back into the arms again
  Without the ones like me
  I'm so far down, away from the sun again
  It's down to this
  I've got to make t
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 1 3
Band Practice by loganneverscars Band Practice :iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 1 3
Alone, Darkness
Living in a time long forgotten
Living a life, alone
what disease I've been smitten
to deserve this pain reborn
Dying of something
I didn't know I had
Living a reminder
A fantasyland
Fantasy of a newborn fetus
Just to live and be alive
I can only just repeat this
Living in this newfound lie
What did the dying, ever ask Who gave them a second chance
All I ask if for a moment
All I get is infantismile times
Just give up
Take the fall
just give up
give it all
all your living is a fantasy
of what you know ought to be
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 2
4. A dream
I've dreamed, closing my eyes
What a fantasy, what a reality
Who's got an answer, for what it means
Who tells us what to dream?
Fuck this life, I'll live my own
Fantasy's the only world I've known
Far off plains, lives of power
Fighting for the gods I don't believe in
Evil has found it's place
As I found hope, looking into glass
Fuck this reality, fuck abnormality
Who gives a shit if your life's fucked up
Why would changing it make you happy
Erase the scars and you are a nothing
Rotting little children answer satan
Living their lives, they serve a disease
Rapists have found the key to forgiveness
Organized religion can't be necromancy
Tattoo permanent obscenities
Preaching Psychology
To a world of simple children
They can't understand why
People are expressing
Who they really are locked up inside
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 0
                  Fuck this, life is neverending
               Disgusting hate, hate the sending
                 Time itself, returns upon me
           Destroying everything I thought was real
                   Fuck hate, hate the fucking
      If you're not wanted, then find somewhere else
             When everything, seems to want me
                   I want to be everwhere else
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 4
2. Darkness Falls
            Darkness opressively covers afar
                       No light at all
                   Darkness Discovered
                    Now covers the scar
                     It's too dark to fall      
                      Too dark to crawl
                 So dark, I can't see at all
:iconloganneverscars:loganneverscars 0 0


boy in pain by krash boy in pain :iconkrash:krash 9 8 Rebel Girl by Indigo-go Rebel Girl :iconindigo-go:Indigo-go 14 12



C. Spyder Wraist
United States
Current Residence: In a foxhole
Favourite genre of music: Hard or Death Metal, Industrial
Favourite photographer: Sihn
Favourite style of art: realistic/remade, dark gothic
Operating System: Any comp I can find
MP3 player of choice: My computer
Shell of choice: Mr. Crabs
Wallpaper of choice: Black
Skin of choice: yours on my body
Favourite cartoon character: Myself
Personal Quote: "You say envy the country with heroes, I say pity the country that needs them"
Listening To: Creed Higher
Mood: Reflective

I don't even want to be awake right now. I feel like such a wate of space. Why do I have to feel like this again?? I feel like the useless piece of food that someone didn't want to eat because it looked funny. But hey, what can I say, I probably deserve it.  
I'm just going to waste my life away fighting for a country that I don't even believe in. I'll probably be a victim of a misplaced bullet from one of my own men or something. It would serve me right.
John and my mom seem to have something special, that makes me happy in a way. I wish I had someone like my mom. She's the one reason I even stay alive right now, because she needs someone to look after and protect her. If she has someone else to do that, what am I here for?? So in a way, I'm kinda jealous. I don't even need to do what the other three at my house did last night. I know John would be good to her and protect her, i don't need to warn him or tell him I'd fuck him up if he ever did. I think it's kinda an unspoken fact.
My life seems to mean something to people who never can have a part of it. Sihn is like the father I never had, and Gage is the older brother I never got to look up to. My sister and I get along very well now, and my father hates me for going in the marines, because I broke the normal cycle of things. Well forgive me for wanting to actually be proud of something I do. Jesus, don't ever let charles be happy, that would be a totally fucked up thing now wouldn't it??
Maybe I'm just looking too far into it. It seems all my relationships get fucked up, or I get fucked over. And everything is always my fault too, that's the part that sucks. It's like everything I do, I can still put the final blame on myself. And it seems like the whole world ends up hating me for being the biggest asshole they know. Wow, I go from being perfect all the sudden to the biggest fucking prick on the face of the world. It's just not right in my eyes, but hey, I'm the one who fucks it up every time, so I guess I'd better just bite my lip and deal with it.
Does it really seem like I'm bitching, because I'm just releasing what I've been holding in forever . . .


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loganneverscars Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2004
Love you right back dude, your my bro
DarkAngelKyle Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004
I love you
loganneverscars Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2004
"my precious" are my favorite words
Zckd78 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2004
I saw your icon and " My precious.. " leaked into my head.
BreatheYouIn448 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2004
I heart you.
lilitheternity Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2004   Writer
thankyou for the comment :hug:
loganneverscars Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
Hey there yourself, buttheadette
BreatheYouIn448 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
"Buttheadette"? Thats creative.

*smiles faintly at you*

How are you doing hun? Long time no see, lol
loganneverscars Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
Yeah, no kidding babe, I was worried something happened to you.
BreatheYouIn448 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2004
No. Nothing has "happened". Just the typical, dramatic, stupid things that worry my warped and twisted teenage mind. I went to IM you just a while ago. It was your mommy. Tell her I said hello. *hugs* miss ya.
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